2010-01-13 | 21:38:42

Small sparkles has been flying between us. Glowing glaces that touches my heart. You've got two flaming torches in the form of blue irises and coal-black pupils in whose depths I never stop falling. Smoldering hands that scald me when physical contact occurs. Leaves stinging burns of desperation on my skin. Electric shocks caused by your body heat makes my skin catch fire.
I'm burning. I'm on fire. My hands are shaking, trembling and my legs just want to run, shake of the greedy flames that slowly devour my body. It's burning everywhere. Stings and itches, but fills me with an unpleasant pleasure.
Your words are my oxygen. You feed my insatiable inner flame with your voice.  The flames are devouring every sentence and are screaming for more. I just want more, and more, and more, and more, and more.


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